6 Things to Do in Las Vegas on a Budget

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6 Things to Do in Las Vegas on a Budget

The Las Vegas metro area spans more than 130 square miles, but it’s famous for a 4.2-mile stretch of of road known as the “Vegas Strip.” It might not sound like much, but this area is home to more than 30 casinos, countless high-end shopping centers, and variety of unique restaurants. Unsurprisingly, many of the most popular attractions are quite expensive. And while it’s certainly possible to “wing it,” you may find yourself running out of money faster than time. Start planning your trip with this list of tourism-related deals on Groupon.com. For additional recommendations, check out these six activities and corresponding deals in the one and only Sin City.

1. Visit the Top of the World

There are so many popular attractions in Las Vegas that it’s hard to recommend just one. As such, this suggestion was chosen because it offers visitors a view of the entire city. The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino stretches more than 1,000 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. It features several pools, three thrill rides and, and a sky jump. On the other hand, admission to the building costs a whopping $39. Some blogs will tell you to save money by making a reservation at the restaurant on top floor of the building. However, most of the entrees cost north of $60. The cheapest way to experience the Stratosphere casino is with a discounted admission ticket.

Discount: BestofVegas.com offers admission tickets for $12 and unlimited rides for $27.

2. Watch a unique performance

Las Vegas is home to a wide variety of shows and performances. Visitors can see everything from Britney Spears to Cirque du Soleil without ever leaving the strip. One of the more unique experiences is known as Absinthe, a self-proclaimed “acro-cabaret” nestled in the back of Caesar’s Palace. This avant-garde show combines provocative humor with acrobatic feats in a venue that is almost too close for comfort. In fact, the audience and the stage are so close that viewers can see the sweat gather on the performer’s skin. People who happen to sit in the front row, may also be asked to participate in the performance.

Discount: Use promo code 20AMP for $20 off the price of admission.

3. Shop inside old shipping containers

There are plenty of places to shop in Las Vegas, but only one of them was constructed from old shipping containers. Downtown Container Park is just that– a family-friendly shopping center with a wide variety of local boutiques and watering holes. It just happens to be made from more than 40 repurposed shipping containers. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the fire-breathing praying mantis sculpture. There is something for everyone in Downtown Container Park.  The Oak and Ivy Whiskey Bar serves up unique and creative cocktails, while the Art Box offers handmade items from local artists and craftspeople. There’s even a massive dome that immerses visitors in 360 degrees of ultra-HD imagery. The Dome uses nearly 14 million pixels and offers a variety of experiences, including an immersive dinosaur exhibit and a first-person shooter game.

Discount: Visit Groupon.com for a discount on each and every show in the Dome.

4. Discover a hidden art installation

There is a dazzling and serene light show hidden among the designer shops of the Vegas Strip. Commissioned by Louis Vuitton himself, Akhob is a permanent art installation created by renowned artist, James Turrell. This immersive exhibit begins in the back of Louis Vuitton’s City Center store and requires a reservation to attend. When visitors arrive, they’re ushered into a room filled with slowly changing, multi-colored lights. The first chamber connects to two more rooms–each with their own light sources. The result is an immersive and psychedelic space that offers a brief respite from the sights and sounds of the Vegas Strip.

Discount: Akhob is actually 100% free. Just call (702) 730-3150 to make your reservation.

5. Visit the world’s most famous pawn shop

Since the debut of Pawn Stars, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop has become one of the largest tourist attractions in Las Vegas and the most popular pawn shop in the world. As the setting for the hit TV show, the storefront attracts more than 3,500 visitors each day. Parking and admission are both free, but the shop’s popularity frequently results in long lines. Vegas residents actually get preferential treatment, so consider visiting with a local. Once inside, visitors can trade in their own junk or browse the shop’s numerous acquisitions. On occasion, Rick, Chumlee, Corey, and the Old Man will even visit the shop floor to sign autographs and take pictures.

Discount: visit Groupon.com for $10 off a VIP tour of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

6. Explore the Mojave Desert

Bootleg Canyon is located 34 minutes southeast of the Vegas strip. During prohibition, it was used to store illegally brewed alcohol, but today it’s a habitat for hawks, lizards, big-horned sheep, and other wildlife. It also includes several hiking, biking and running trails. However, the best way to explore the canyon is by zipline. A company known as FlightLinez offers a 1.5 mile tour that includes not one, but four different ziplines. After some brief hiking, participants will pair up with a tour guide to explore the Mojave Desert at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. The whole experience lasts approximately three hours.

Discount: Use promo code V4L when booking your reservation to save $135.

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