50 Gr Chocolate Muscle Milk ONLY 70¢ At Walmart!

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This chocolate muscle milk was found IN STORE at Walmart for ONLY 70¢! Thank you Aitsa from our Glitch Community for sharing!

Walmart.com – If youre pushing yourself hard at the gym or just trying to balance a hectic schedule, you need proper protein to stay energized and focused. MUSCLE MILK PRO SERIES Protein Powder contains a combination of protein for muscle building and soreness a recovery process that extends beyond the 1-hour post-workout window. This unique protein blend packs an intense chocolate flavor and helps jump-start your energy levels as well as muscle repair and growth. Consume 30-60 minutes after activity, when your body is primed for replenishing fuel stores, to further maximize recovery and help grow lean muscles. Stay motivated in and out of the gym with a delicious protein powder that was made to help you reach your goals.

This is an IN STORE deal so YMMV! SKU# 509529935

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