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5 Super Simple Beauty Hacks To Save You Money!


I’m sure you’ve heard of life hacks, which are not only awesome time savers but really clever! Well,  how about some for beauty? Here are some BEAUTY HACKS I use regularly that are both cheap and an easy fix to keep you stylin’!

Use concealer as a primer! 


Do you like your eyeshadow and lipstick to stay all day? Primers can be very expensive. Luckily, concealer works both as a eye primer and a lip primer. For your eyes, it keeps that shadow locked in and also creates a nice light base to build upon. With lips, you will want to moisturize first and then apply your concealer. The light color allows for more control over your lip shape when it comes to use a lip liner afterwards, as well.

What I use:  

I use cover girl concealer as a primer as far as regular concealer recently discovered NYX full coverage concealer that is both cheap and awesome!

Be green!


If you have blemishes or redness like I do, you know the struggle of covering them up. Let me assure you, there is a way! The color green counteracts the redness of your blemishes or acne. The best news drugstore brands are now making green primer! Talk about a score! I just dab some of the green primer on just the blemish and use my better primer for a full face coverage!

Brow & eye combo pencils! 


These are awesome and you don’t need to buy a super expensive one. I have a combo pencil from one of those makeup kits at Rite Aid and it works great ! I suggest getting a combo because you get two products for the price of  one, more bang for your buck!

What I use:  

As far as a brow pencil goes any brand will work as long as it transfers some color. Now as for brow gel I use Benefit Cosmetics Brow Gel, it really completes the look and gives your brows a more uniformed look.

Slow down on the eyeliner. 


Want your eyes to pop? Line your top lid, but only part of your bottom lid. This creates the illusion of bigger eyes because our eyes are naturally drawn to light. If you darken something, it looks smaller and if you lighten it it looks bigger. The more lightness at the bottom of your eye, the wider it appears!

What I use: 

I use the Sephora Brand Eye Liner I have both a black and brown one depending on how bold my look for the day is.

DIY dry shampoo!


Have oily hair, but don’t have time to shower? No problem! Just use cornstarch. Not only is it a quick and cheap alternative, it is also much better for your hair than most dry shampoos because it’s natural. Don’t forget; there is often a coupon available for this during holiday baking season, as well!


Hope you find these tips helpful. Were there any Beauty Hacks we missed? Share them below!

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