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5 Minute Candle Made From Crisco & Crayons!

Every parent I know has at least a dozen broken, unusable crayons sitting in the craft drawer at their house. You might thinkt hese are unusable, but there are actually a lot of fun little crafts that you can do with your crayon pieces! If you’ve got crayons, some crisco, a jar and a piece of cotton wick, you can make your own candle! Check it out.

What You Need: 


A Jar Or Glass Holder

A Crayon

Essential Oil Or Candle Scent (optional, but strongly recommended)

Wick Or Cotton String And Washer


Step 1: 

Put desired amount of Crisco into container. Be sure the amount you put in does not cover your wick.

Step 2: 

Microwave until completely melted.

Step 3:

Break up the crayon bits that you want to use. Add a small piece of the crayon and stir. If the crayon doesn’t melt just from the heat of the Crisco, microwave for another 20 seconds or so then stir. Repeat if you’d like the color to be stronger.  Then add a few drops or your favorite essential oil or scent and stir.

Step 4: 

Use your tweezers to place the wick as close to the center of the jar as possible.

Step 5: 

Either place candle in freezer or allow to set on your countertop for several hours.

Step 6:  

Enjoy :)

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Get Notified Of ALL The Latest Deals First GET THE YWC DEAL APP
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