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These bathbombs were found IN STORE at Walmart for ONLY $3! Thank you Gail from our Walmart Clearance group for sharing! – Drop the bombshell in your tub and lay back into a whirlwind of relaxing essential oils formulated to soothe menstrual cramps and stressed bodies. A hot bath can be just what you need when your body feels off. Inhale the relaxing scents, leave your body and mind feeling calm and put your Queen V at ease. Period pain is the worst, and we cant think of a better way to naturally rid yourself of cramps than taking a hot bath. Heat helps blood flow in your body, which helps your muscles relax (especially when it comes to cramps or pain in your pelvic area). Essential oils may be useful for treating menstrual cramps, so what better way to take a bath than to have a bombshell filled with essential oils explode in the water?

This is an IN STORE deal so YMMV! SKU# 806048314

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