10 Budget Friendly Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas



Teacher Appreciation Day is in May, and is a day set aside to let your child’s teacher know how much you appreciate them and what they do. Teachers spend so much time with students each day (a good 7 hours a day!). After a school year, that’s a lot of time your child has spent with his/her teacher.

I have learned that a teacher can make or break a school year for a child. Good teachers go above and beyond their job expectations to help kids in their classroom meet goals, break barriers, and learn new things. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a gift for your child’s teacher(s), there are still things you can do for your child’s teacher that will mean just as much or more than a gift! After all, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show someone that you appreciate them. 

Looking for a fun gift to show your child's teacher you appreciate them? Check out this list of Budget Friendly Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas.

10 Budget Friendly Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas:

1. Favorite Candy.

I have found that little things mean so much to people. If you know your child’s teacher’s favorite Candy, pick up their favorite Candy to send to school with your child. You can even attach a cute and funny note to go with it. Be sure to check our Pinterest board for Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for fun printables, cute ideas, and more!

2. Favorite Drink.

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Does your child’s teacher need a cup of coffee before she can start her day? Or does she need a bottle of Coke? Whatever he/she likes, send their favorite drink to them! It will mean a lot to the teacher than you noticed what they like, and took the time to pick it up for them. You can even do a cute and quirky tag like this one from Kinder Craze.

3. Favorite Snack.

What teacher wouldn’t love receiving their favorite snack with a sweet note? You can never go wrong with sending a snack. If you don’t know their favorite snack, send a few quarters (enough for the vending machine) with a note that their snack is on you.

4. Handwritten Note.

Don’t underestimate the power of a handwritten note/letter! Take the opportunity to tell your child’s teacher how they have made a difference in your child’s life or even in your life. You can even have your child write a note to thank them!

5. Organize a Breakfast.

Get with the other parents and organize a breakfast for the teachers. Everyone can bring a dish or parents can work together to make a few breakfast dishes. You can even send out invitations via email (to save money) to invite the teachers to the breakfast. Be sure to start it early enough for the teachers to be able to attend, eat, and make it to their classroom in time for school to start.

6. Write an Email.

Like most jobs, teaching can be a thankless job. I’m sure they hear way more criticism than they do thanks. I’m pretty sure the administrators do as well. You can write an email to the teacher’s boss (administration, school board, etc.) letting them know what a difference this teacher has made in your lives during this school year. Be sure to BCC your child’s teacher so he/she knows how much you appreciate them as well.

7. Give a Plant or Flowers.

Plants or flowers are usually inexpensive, and you can put a cute note with it like “Thanks for helping me grow”. It’s cute, sweet, and budget friendly.

8. Volunteer to Help.

I have found that there are always jobs to be done in a classroom or school. Sometimes giving your time is a huge blessing to the teachers on the receiving end of it. Offer to help in the classroom, cut things out at home, or to head up a large project for the grade your child is in. It will be appreciated, and all you gave was your time.

9. Note Cards/Note Pad.

I like the idea of giving a teacher note cards or a note pad to send notes or to take notes. You can even get some fairly inexpensive and cute note cards or note pads at the Dollar Spot in Target.

10. A Redbox Movie Rental.

Did you know that you can gift Redbox Movies? You can! It’s pretty inexpensive, and such a neat gift! You could even grab Candy and popcorn from the Dollar Tree to put with it to make something cute like this.

Regardless of how you choose to tell your child’s teacher that you appreciate him or her, just remember that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to let someone know you appreciate them. I hope some of these ideas inspired you! Remember, Teacher’s Appreciation Day is May 8, 2018 this year. Pin this for later here.

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