New Shaw’s Coupon Policy Change regarding BOGO Coupons (Internet Printable)

Direct quote from Shaw’s Facebook Page regarding using Internet Printable BOGO Coupons.

“Hi, folks! The coupon policy has indeed been re-worded, and now states “Mfg coupons for free product (including BOGO) or that are > $4.99 may be accepted upon managerial review and approval of the coupon(s).” This updated language should be reflected in the policies posted at every store by now, however the online version is still under construction at this time (there are additional complications due to differences in state laws posed by posting one all-encompassing policy that we’re working on) and may not reflect this change yet. However, I will definitely follow up to ensure all the stores are aware of this update to the policy right now, thanks for the heads up on this! – Dan”