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todddebTodd Hebert  (Founder & Co-Owner) - 
I have been blogging for many years and shopping frugally for just as many. I began getting serious about couponing only a few years back when the economy started taking a dive and my automotive tire business had to close because we could not ride the waves of a depression. Couponing has saved us so much money and, since I had the internet background knowledge, I wanted to what I have learned with everyone. So, I started this blog! We have grown tremendously since our first post in January 2011  See My Channel


mediakitpicSarah Flowers  (Co – Owner) -  I’m Sarah AKA the CollegeCouponChick. I live in St. Louis, MO with my two awesome dogs named Ozzie and Maggie and my fantastic husband, Paul. I’m a full time blogger here at Yes We Coupon. I started couponing in the spring of 2011 because no matter how hard I worked, the money just never seemed to be enough at the end of the month. I was sick of being stressed, and also sick of eating Ramen. From the first time I used a coupon, I was hooked! Now I hardly ever buy anything if I don’t have a coupon for it! My favorite things to coupon for are things I originally couldn’t afford, like new makeup, clothes and hair stuff. I can even usually find coupons for restaurants, nights out, etc! Living frugal is part of who I am. I couldn’t see doing it any other way! See My Channel 

missieMissie aka The Crazy Coupon Chick (Promoter)- I am a 30 year old mom to a beautiful 8 year old girl and 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 bunnies. I am engaged to a great guy who supports me and my crazy savings ways! I am an avid animal lover and shopper. I love to get things for free. If it isn’t free, its not for me! I started couponing a few years ago and have never stopped. When I realized what I could get for free, I will never pay full price for ANYTHING again. I can’t go anywhere without using a coupon. I am prouder than proud of the stockpile I have created and love to help others save too! I love teaching coupon classes and use many of the items I get to help support local food pantries and homeless shelters! See My Channel


NicolePicformissieNicole LaFrance (blogger/Partner at The Crazy Coupon Chick) is a stay at home mom to three beautiful girls, Nataleigh, Kaiyah, and Liviana. Nicole had always used coupons and tried to save as much money as possible…or so she thought! A few years ago she had noticed a couple of friends on Facebook that had taken up couponing and had posted their trips online. The savings were impressive and she thought it might be worth learning how they were doing it. With a very limited budget and 2 months before the expected arrival of her second child, Nicole threw herself into learning the ins and outs of couponing. Over two years later, she is more passionate about couponing than ever! It has allowed Nicole to stay home and raise her girls rather than returning to the restaurant service industry where she had worked for over 16 years. She enjoys cooking and spending family time with her children and fiancé, Israel. Nicole found her coupon soulmate when she partnered with Missie Morris and became part of the Crazy Coupon Chick and Yes We Coupon Family. She loves to teach coupon classes, share her deals and help others learn how to save money on the things they need so they can afford the things they want!

kittyLaura AKA “Kitty” –  My name is Laura but I prefer to go by Kitty, I am 30 and I reside in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
I love animals, I own a dog, and 2 cats. I have been couponing for about 4 years now. I’ve built such a stockpile  that I’ve not only been able to help myself but my family. When I get the chance I love to donate items to my local grocery stores food pantry bins.
This is the first coupon blog I’ve ever worked on and I really enjoy it. It feels great to be a part of such an awesome team. I have come to realize the best part of couponing isn’t always the savings, it’s the friends you make, the fun you have, and the great things you learn. See My Channel

CaptureVera Shiminsky – (Store Coupon Matchup Specialist) My name is Vera. I am from Philadelphia PA. I am a single mommy to 2 beautiful kids, Lilliana 5 years old & Joshua 3 years old. I started couponing in 2010 because of that extreme couponing show. I thought, if they can do then heck, so can I. It has been a coupon match made in heaven. I loved saving money and helping people do the same.