KlutchClub “Best Of Box” Review + EXCLUSIVE 50% Off Coupon Code!

I was given the opportunity to review a really cool subscription box program called Klutch Club! What is Klutch Club?

Klutch Club is a business that delivers health and wellness products to your door!. When you join each month you will receive a package of new items try out. I’ve seen these subscriptions offered for programs such as makeup, but never for this type of product! It’s a unique idea! Learn more about Klutch Club Here 

I am very impressed with the “Best Of Box” I received from today.

Below is a list of items included in “Best Of Box” 

Nature’s Hand Wild Blueberry Go Nola:

This 100% Whole Wheat Wild Blueberry Granola is delicious. I am in no way a 100% health nut and I could eat this as a snack all day long. This would be great to take on a hike, camping, or just running errands. I highly recommend you try Go Nola for yourself.  these can be found in many of your local convenience stores and vending machines around the country, or you can buy a package of 24 on their website for $23.99. I received two in my “Best Of Box”  making them a $1.99 value.

Nicks Sticks:

These grass-fed beef sticks came in a little pack of two. The great thing about these treats is that they do NOT add antibiotics or MSG. I enjoyed them very much and would buy these in the future. Right now you can order a package of 6 sticks for $3.25 on their website making the packs of two I received in the “Best Of Box” a $1.08 value. 

EcoTreck Fitness Whole Food Bar:

This bar contains six servings of fruits and vegetables and is a great pick-me-up after a long work out. It has gluten free ingredients, is 100% natural, and contains 10 grams of protein. The flavor is not bad either. If you work out and need a quick snack on the go these are perfect for you. Right now you can grab a package of 6 bars for $14.00 on their website. I received one in the “Best Of Box” which is a $2.33 value.

FRS Healthy Energy Powdered Drink Mix:

These low-cal (10 calories!) energy packets taste great! They give you a quick energy boost. My boyfriend enjoyed taking these to get him through his work day. These are going for $14.31 a pack on Amazon right now so this is at least a $14.00 value.

Funky Monkey JIVEALIME Snacks:

These pineapple with lime crunchy fruit snacks are really good for you. Unfortunately  the taste was not to my liking. There was something off-tasting about it. Funky Monkey can be purchased in the organics section at your local Shaw’s supermarket. These are generally priced from $1-$1.50 each in stores making this at least a $1.00 value.

Dream Water Shot:

This O calorie sleep and relaxation shot does just the trick. It did help me get to sleep, however, I was not too keen on the taste. You can grab a package of four for $8.99 (or more) at CVS. I received one in the Best of Box” so that is a $2.24 value.

Bach Rescue Gum:

This natural stress relief gum has a liquid center that had a nice orange flower taste. It was a lot different tasting then any of the gums I’ve tried before. I am not quite sure though that it helped me with stress. I would give it a try again though. These are $6.91 a package of 17 pieces on Amazon so that makes the package I received in the “Best of Box” around a $7.00 value.

Immuno Mint Gum:

This gum tastes just about the same as any mint gum I’ve tried. You are supposed to take it daily for optimum immunity support. You can also increase to two pieces as needed for a quick immunity quick. It has 33% Zinc and Vitamin C so it should give you a boost, I’ll have to see over time how it works. These are selling for $41.88 for a package of 12  on Amazon Marketplace, I received one pack in the “Best of Box” making these a $3.49 value.

AllergEase Lozenges:

These natural honey herbal lozenges contain a full dose of Vitamin C which gives you the extra boost you need through out the day. I enjoyed the honey taste as well. These sell for $17.97 for a package of three,  I received one pack in the “Best of Box” making these a $5.99 value.

I also received these Trial Size items in the “Best Of Box“, being as they are trial/sample size I am not sure of their value.

Natures Gate Body Wash: This Papaya smelling body wash was very refreshing in the shower.

2Chic Conditioner: I loved the coconut smell, it seemed to work well on my hair. Got out some of the puffiness and tangles as well.

2Chic Shampoo: I loved the coconut smell, it seemed to work well on my hair.

Creamo Shave Cream: This shaving cream did it’s job and I really enjoyed the nice citrus smell.

PSSSSST On – The – Go Instant Dry Shampoo:  This travel friendly sized dry shampoo worked well at refreshing my hair throughout the day.

 Clean Well Disinfectant Wipes: These cleaned well, and it was a little foamy even, but I didn’t enjoy them smell of them.

I also received a great workout video of Turbo Fire Greatest Hits  and a $50 off card for Juil (they sell comfortable shoes and sandals).

The “Best Of Box” that was delivered to me contained 22 items that retail over $60+ AND the cost of all the travel sized products if I were to purchase them separately. Right now, this box goes for $25 including shipping which is a savings of over 40%, What a deal!

But it gets even better! You can save an additional 50% off of your box total by using the coupon code YESWECOUPON at checkout! Each month your box will include slightly different products, but you’re guaranteed to have at LEAST $100 worth of products. Use our coupon code and get $100 worth of healthy, good for you products delivered to your door for just $12.50!