How to make a Thanksgiving Feast for 10 people UNDER $30 by shopping at Shaw’s!

I’m having 9 people over for Thanksgiving this year, so with me included that’s a meal for 10 people. My own personal goal is to get everything I need for under $50, but I’m giving myself some extra money for a little trip to the Liquor Store as well… Since not everyone is going to need to fit Alcoholic Beverages into their Thanksgiving Budget, I figured I’d leave that part out.. so for everything else you’ll need for Thanksgiving Day, including Appetizers, main course & dessert!

  • Appetizers for 10: 2 Boxes of Crackers, 2 Bricks or Cheese & 1 can of Olives: $4.59

  • Main Course for 10: 12lb Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Veggies, Green Bean Casserole, Cranberry Sauce, & Rolls: $19.96

  • Dessert for 10: 2 Mrs. Smith’s Pies: $3


Total Spent: $27.55

Still some change left over for drinks! :)

Here is the break down on how you can shop for your Holiday feast!


First, The most important thing you need to get out of the way is the Turkey. Right now at Shaw’s, you’ll find Shady Brook Farms, & Jennie-O Turkey’s for $.69lb. Some of you may have purchased your bird for $.49 on Friday, and that’s awesome! I was able to get my 15lb Turkey for just $5!!

If you get a Shady Brook Farm turkey, there is a $.55 off ONE coupon from the 8/19 SS, that expires soon, 11/18 I believe. If you get a 12lb Turkey I estimate 1lb per person) @ $.69lb, & use the $.55/1 coupon, you’ll pay just $7.18 after the coupon doubles. AWESOME… If you don’t think a 12lb bird will be big enough, try to find a bird no more than 15lbs, to fit into your budget. There will be plenty of side dishes, & dessert so that people won’t be leaving hungry, I promise!


Second, you are going to need Appetizers! Hosting 10 people can be a little tough, you never know if you’ll have enough food, & what will people talk about??! I’ve got this covered, I promise!

A great thing I like to do is make a Crackers and Cheese Platter. Offer a few different flavors of Cheese, & some Olives too! Lucky for you guys, I have coupons to offer you for ALL of that stuff!

Crackers are covered! On sale this week (get to the store by Thursday for this deal!) is Keebler Town House Flat Bread Crackers. Offered in lots of different flavors, these are going to pair nicely with cheese! After the coupon below, you’ll pay just $1.10 a box! (click image for coupon)

Cheese is also covered, because starting 11/16, you can pick up bricks of Cracker Barrel Cheese for just $1 each, by using the coupon below! (click image for coupon, zip 90210 if needed)


Lindsay Olives don’t seem to be on sale this week, or next but I’m pretty sure the regular price is about $1.39, so after you enter on their facebook page to win FREE Olives, you’ll be given a $1 off coupon for any olives, making them REALLY cheap!!


Third, you’ll need to plan out your side dishes. There are, of course many different side dishes you could do. Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Corn Bread, Dinner Rolls.. Lots of options. With 10 people at your house for Thanksgiving, we are going to want some variety so I’m going to fit 5 Side dishes into your meal, while still keeping it under budget!


If you head to Shaw’s this week, or even next week, you’ll find Stove Top Stuffing on sale for $1 a box.. There is a great $1.00 off TWO boxes coupon that’ll make them just $.50 each! 2 Boxes of stuffing should be enough for 10 people, but if you think you’ll need more, go ahead and pick up another 2! You can never have enough stuffing, right? It’s one of my favorite side dishes around the Holidays! also be sure to check packages at the store, as some of them did have $.55/1 coupons last year! (click image for coupon)



If you also want to have veggies as a side dish, there is still a $.50 off ONE coupon for these Green Giant Veggies making them FREE starting 11/16 (click image for coupon)



Next up on our Side Dish Menu is Mashed Potatoes. Now, for Holidays I like homemade Mashed potatoes, and starting Friday Maine Potatoes go on sale BOGO. These are $3.99 at my store, so just $2 a bag with the store sale! If you want to do boxed potato to keep it under budget, try getting the skillet potatoes, or the ones you bake in the oven. They have more of a homemade taste than the mashed & your guests will love them! These are on sale this week for $.99 a box, & that sale ends Thursday so if you want Boxed potatoes, be sure to get them now! You’ll pay $.49 a box for them WYB 2 :) (click on image for coupon)



I’m planning on making a Green Bean Casserole, since it’s almost everyones favorite that is coming to my house for Thanksgiving. I make it with Frozen Green Beans, but you can also make it with canned. Del Monte has a $.50/4 Green Bean coupon on Smart Source that’ll double making them $.54 each WYB 4. Not too shabby.

You could also do the Birds Eye Steam Fresh Frozen Green Beans, on sale $2, and there is a $.50/1 coupon on the website, making them $1 a bag. Either 4 cans for $2.16, or 2 bags for $2 & you’ll get about the same amount of Green Beans for your Casserole!

Other ingredients you’ll need for Green Bean Casserole is Campbell’s Cream Soup, which there is a $1 off FOUR coupon on These soups go on sale 10/$10 starting Friday, so depending on if you need more than one for Thanksgiving, you might be better off with just spending the $1 and getting the 1 can you need, instead of buying 4 just because you have a coupon.. but that is all up to you! (click image for coupon)


You’re also going to need French’s Fried Onions! The best part, in my book! mmm! There is a  $1/1 coupon from the 11/4 SS that’ll make these $1.99 starting 11/16!



For your next Side dish, you will need Cranberry Sauce! Now, last year there were plenty of coupons for this stuff around, but this year.. nothing! Maybe something will pop up soon, I can only hope.. but even without a coupon you can score a can of Cranberry Sauce for just $1.25 at Shaw’s starting 11/16!



You’re also going to need Dinner Rolls! Have no fear, Shaw’s has Pillsbury Crescent rolls on sale B2G1 FREE through the end of this month, & those are our favorite for the Holidays! I’m not sure how much these are a package a Shaw’s, I want to say $2.69, so $1.46 each after the coupon below doubles! (click image for coupon)



Fourth, Dessert! Now, I usually make some pies from scratch, but this year I found a GREAT deal on Mrs. Smith’s pies at Shaw’s, so I bought them instead! I was happy to see they had Pumpkin and a Blueberry on sale, since those are the two types people had requested!

This week, now through Thursday, you can get Mrs. Smith’s pies on sale 2/$5, so just $1.50 each after the coupon, below. If you wait until next week, the pies will be on sale BOGO, but at $6.59 each, so you’ll be paying a little bit more per pie, if you wait. So, if you have room, get them this week before it’s too late! (click image for coupon)


Lastly, beverages. Now, buying drinks for people can be a little tough, but offering more than  one thing is always a good idea. So here are some beverage coupons to help you out!


$1 off Diet Dr. Pepper printable

$1 off Dr. Pepper TEN printable

$0.75/1 Silk Seasonal Quart, exp. 12/15/12 (SS 11/11/12 R)

$1/2 Welch’s Sparkling Juice Cocktails printable

$0.75/1 Welch’s 100% White Grape Juice or 100% White Grape Juice Blend printable

$1/1 Ocean Spray Low Tart or 2/3 Less Sugar Cranberry Juice Cocktail printable



  1. Jessica says

    Just a heads up for even more savings, Lindsay olives are on sale at Walgreens this week for $.99. If you live near one you can slash another $1.39 from your holiday dinner budget. More cash for wine, you did say you were headed to the liquor store, right:)