Extreme couponing at Shaws Supermarket

Shaws is a great place to do some Extreme Couponing an get some great deals. I always carry a copy of The  Shaw’s Coupon Policy with me when I shop in case there are any questions. Here are the basics for shopping at Shaw’s.

Double Coupons – Shaw’s double coupons up to 99 cents . Now here is where there is some confusion. Shaw’s will double up to 6 like coupons per day per customer. I have had to show the policy before when I have used more then 6. Some clerks think that you can only use 6 like coupons and that is not true. the policy clearly states only 6 will double however more then 6 can be used and can be taken at face value. In a recent transaction I was able to get 96 bottles of Fuze drinks and 50 Philadelphia cooking creams for  free. Here is how I did it.

Bought (96) Fuse drinks on sale for 2 for $1.00 = $48.00

I also Bought (50) Philadelphia Cooking Creams on sale for $2.99 = $149.50

Total before coupons $197.50. 

 I Used (48) 1.00/2 Fuse coupons and (50) $3.00/1 Philadelphia Cooking cream coupons.

 Shaw’s does not pay you overage and since my total was now negative .50 I bought a box of Shaws mac & cheese for .79 to cover the overage from the cooking cream coupons.

My total OOP was 29 cents for all of this.

A Total Savings of  $198.00 or 99.9 %


As you can see it is not hard to do Extreme Couponing at Shaw’s. I really save when Shaw’s offers a  Catalina deal. Read below to learn more about Catalina deals.

Catalina OYNO Coupons – If you are new to couponing a Catalina coupon prints out at the register when you buy certain products. This is my favorite coupon and by far my favorite sale. If you watch our ShawsWeekly Coupon Matchups we always alert you to a Catalina Sale. If you are reading your flyer you will see something like this ” Save $10.00 on your next order when you purchase $25.00 worth of select Unilever products listed below” . The key to these sales is that they are run by Catalina and not Price Chopper, therefore the price you need to look at to get your catalina coupon is psp (shelf Price) and not the sale price that is in the paper.

Have fun shopping at Shaw’s