Extreme Couponing at Price Chopper

Well being from Vermont, One of my favorite stores to shop at is Price Chopper. I have learned however that Extreme Couponing at Price Chopper is something that can be done however you got to know the coupon policy real well to make it work. On top of that each store has the authrority to make there own policies. I do find however if I carry the main Price Chopper coupon policy with me that I can usually overcome any hurdles. so here are the basics to get you started.

   50 percent Rule – Price Chopper doubles coupons up to $1.00 in many stores and 99 cents in most others. Here is the catch, the store will only double coupons up to 50 % of your order. What this means is that if you get $100 worth of groceries then Price Chopper will only double the first $50.00 worth of coupons and the rest will be at face value. Now there are some ways around this. One way is to hand the cashier your High value coupons first, this way you are getting th best bang for your buck. You want to make sure you use all manufacturers coupons before any store coupons or catalina coupons as well. The second way around this is to also purchase a Price Chopper gift card for enough to put you over 50 %. You can then use the gift card on your next trip. Now keep in mind not all price Choppers enforce the 50% rule so check with your local store.

Coupon limits – Price Chopper does limit doubling to 4 like items, This does not mean that you cannot use more then 4 coupons for the same item it just means they will only double the first 4. Other then that it as ageneral rule Price Chopper does not limit coupons, however I have run into some cashiers that understand the limit of 4 like doubling coupons to read only 4 coupons, I have always overcome this by niclely showing them the policy.

Catalina OYNO Coupons – If you are new to couponing a Catalina coupon prints out at the register when you buy certain products. This is my favorite coupon and by far my favorite sale. If you watch our Price Chopper Weekly Coupon Matchups we always alert you to a Catalina Sale. If you are reading your flyer you will see something like this ” Save $10.00 on your next order when you purchase $25.00 worth of select Unilever products listed below” . The key to these sales is that they are run by Catalina and not Price Chopper, therfore the price you need to look at to get your catalina coupon is psp (shelf Price) and not the sale price that is in the paper. Here is an example from a past sale.

Spend $20.00 get $10.00 OYNO Cat

4 Dove Men care Body wash (5.49 PSP) 3.99 sale price = (21.96 PSP) 15.96
– (4) $1/1 doubled
= 7.96  Got back $10 OYNO, $2 MM

In this example you will see the person bought 4 Dove Men Care Body wash.The sale price only added up to $15.96 but with the shelf price the purchase qualified. After using 4 manufacturers coupons this person actually made $2.00 for doing the deal (yes you can make money couponing).  Even without coupons this was a sweet deal. The cool thing about catalina deals is that they roll, meaning you can do more then one transaction. This is the time to stock up because you will be paying peanuts even without coupons. Take a look at the example below. I did this deal multiple times so that I could donate the food to charity.

5 Ragu (3.58 SP) $1.79 sale price = ($17.90) $8.85  Sale price  Plus 1 Wishbone Salad Dressing ($2.59 sp) $1.30 Sale price.

Each transaction came to $ 10.15 without coupons, I got a $10.00 Catalina coupon each time and used it on the next run. So each transaction cost me 15 cents out of pocket. In total for 80 Jars of Ragu and 16 Salad dressings I spent $2.25 Out Of Pocket. The total value of all of this was $307.35 for a total savings of $305.10.  A Savings of 99%.

Now that is Extreme Couponing at Price Chopper