Cheribundi 7 Day Challenge: Day 5

I am taking the Cheribundi 7 Day Challenge – drink two 8 oz. servings of Cheribundi Tart Cherry Juice, Tart Cherry Juice Light, Restore, Rebuild or Relax on the first day of the Challenge. After that, drink one 8 oz. serving each day for the next six days.

Day 5 : Today I drank some Tart Cherry Rebuild with my morning breakfast. Hopefully it will l rebuild my spirits. I didn’t get a walk in like I’d wanted to. I had a slight slip up at dinner as well, which has gotten my diet somewhat off track. I had some Chinese noodles tonight. Which is a big NO NO. If you knew what I was going through you’d say it’s no big deal, but every little slip up can add right  back the 2 pounds I’ve lost while dieting. So I will have to watch myself this coming week. I plan to find a workout on Comcast TV on demand and hopefully adding this to my routine everyday will help me lose MORE weight. I didn’t sleep well tonight either, but due to all the stress I’ve been having I’m sure it wasn’t the juices fault. I know it’s supposed to help give me a more restful nights sleep but what can you do, right?  Hopefully tomorrow will be better, and I can rest easy.

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