CHEAP Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce at Shaw’s!

There is a new printable for $.75 off ONE Sweet Baby Ray’s on their facebook page. They were having some issues, but have since made a new link that seems to be working perfectly! Just simply enter for a chance to win their Giveaway, & you will be able to print your coupon at the end!

Use $.75 off ONE coupon at Shaw’s this week, where Sweet Baby Ray’s is BOGO  & score 2 bottles for as low as $.30 EACH! (depending on your shelf price, varies $2.19 – $2.49)

Looks like they changed the coupon to the 28oz size now. Sorry folks.


  1. says

    Thanks J1ocean.
    Looks like they recently changed the coupon. It was printing at a 18oz or more size. 
    Will update the post. Thank you!

  2. J1ocean says

    Coupon is for the 28 ounce size.  That price can be a lot more than 30 cents each.