Goldfish Snack Crackers ONLY $1.00 at Price Chopper PLUS Bonus Gas Savings!


Starting Sunday at Price Chopper we have a HOT DEAL on Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Crackers at Price Chopper! The BEST PART is that there are NO COUPONS REQUIRED!

All 6.6-6.8-oz bags of Goldfish Grahams or Crackers will be 10 for $10 PLUS, buy 10 get an additional 10¢ off a gallon when you buy 10! THAT’S EASY!

Buy 10 Goldfish Crackers 10/$10 (Can mix and match other 10/$10 items to get 10¢ fuel savings, limit 10 0ffers per transaction.)
Final Price: $10 for 10 bags or $1.00 per bag plus get 10¢ off a gallon of gas up to 20 gallons!

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BIG News For SavingStar Users!!!


BIG NEWS for Savingstar Users!!! Savingstar has really evolved in the last couple years bringing on new features like the “One or Many” offers, “Healthy Offers” and the “Friday Freebie”, but it was starting to seem like Savingstar was going to be left in the dust by competitor’s like Ibotta and Checkout 51 who offer a wider variety of stores including mass market retailers like Walmart and Target. You may or may not realize that like Ibotta, Savingstar offers cashback offers from online purchases through the Cashback Mall plus they have approximately a gazillion coupon codes online retailers.

Sooo…I’m sure you are wondering what the exciting news is! Well, now smartphone users have the option to upload their receipt and redeem offers from stores besides the regular “Automatic Savings” stores that users have always been limited to!  This happened very quietly and with little fanfare, but all I have to say is, “Way to go, Savingstar! Thanks for keeping up with the Joneses on this one!”  I don’t know about you, but I find this pretty darn exciting! Between the cashback mall and the new receipt-scan stores, you can now use Savingstar to save at over 30,000 stores! Should I say that again? THIRTY (30) THOUSAND STORES!!! Just by looking at all the stores, I don’t see any stores that I frequent that aren’t on the list!

In order to access this new receipt-scan feature, you will need to make sure you download the newest available app for your mobile device. Check out the list of new participating retailers below: [Read more...]

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Gravity Chairs Only $34.99 at Price Chopper!


Check it out! While shopping at Price Chopper, we spied this awesome deal on a folding gravity chair. It was discount priced to only $34.99 — a great price for this type of chair. Make sure you check your own Price Chopper store to see if they also have these available!

To price compare, similar chairs are currently selling for $59.99 on Amazon!

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Price Chopper Bonus Coupons! Dollar Doublers and Bonus Gas Points! PRINT NOW!


Hey Chopper Shoppers! Price Chopper has new Double Coupons and Bonus Gas Point printable coupons to be used this week through Saturday!

Dollar Doublers allow you to double any coupon for $1.00 to make it worth $2.00 off (unless restricted on the coupon)!

The Gas Points Bonus Coupons Are for 15¢ off a Gallon with a $15 or more Produce Purchase and 15¢ off a Gallon with a $15 or more Seafood Purchase!

Click Here to Print Price Chopper Dollar Doubler and Bonus Gas Points Coupons!

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Price Chopper Coupon Match-Ups and Top Deals- 7/6-7/12


Here are this weeks Price Chopper match ups. Be sure to read their Coupon Policy and also be sure to check out any printable coupons you may need before shopping from, and 

You can make a printable list easily simply by checking the box next to an item and it will automatically start creating a shopping list for you!

Make sure to “Like” our very own Price Chopper Facebook page for ALL the latest deals!

Happy Shopping ♥

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