Bulk Wholesale Coupon Inserts – Perfect For Coupon Groups, Classes Ebay & More.

Do you teach a coupon class or are part of a coupon group and would like to find a way to get Quality Coupon inserts?

Maybe you do the Ebay thing or just have another need for bulk Coupon Inserts?

Either way you need to check out our new Bulk Coupon Inserts Option for groups.


Our exclusive service offers early shipping of Sunday Coupon inserts (before they come out int he paper).  Our bulk orders ship on Wednesday and Thursday to our customers meaning that they receive them generally by Saturday (before they come out) or Sunday (right after they come out). Not to mention the fact that you are paying much less then you would pay if you were to purchase the paper. ( we do not charge for our inserts, we only charge a handling fee to package and sort).

Our new bulk option is designed for people who have a coupon group or class who want to pool together to get great inserts and save on shipping. Because of the nature of our bulk service we can only offer a pre order since these sell out so fast. The order link is generally put up by the Sunday before the inserts come out and pulled down on Tuesday.. So you must think ahead!  Check Out This Weeks Offers