5 Clever Marketing Tricks to Be Aware of When Grocery Shopping

5 Clever Marketing Tricks to Be Aware of When Shopping

Companies have many ways of tricking you into spending more money when you’re at the store. Although most people think of themselves as educated consumers, even the brightest and most well-informed people can fall victim to sneaky marketing tactics. Here is a look at some common marketing tricks that you should keep in mind while shopping.

New and Improved Bottle Design

There are many reasons why companies might change their containers. Sometimes, changing the design of packaging might directly reduce the company’s costs. However, this tactic is often used to sell you less of the product you want for the same amount of money. Every product that you buy has the product’s weight printed on the label. When a company changes to new packaging, check the label to make sure that you’re still getting the same amount of the product.

Extreme Markdowns

Some retailers trick their customers into thinking that they’re getting great deals by having perpetual sales. You might think that a product with a 60% markdown is a great bargain, but the truth is that it might never be sold for the actual list price. Even Black Friday sales are not all that they are cracked up to be. The best way to make sure that you’re getting the a good deal on a product is to find the price that a variety of different companies are selling it for.

Shelf Placement

Stores often manipulate their shelf placement in ways that encourage you to buy products that you didn’t plan to. Supermarkets usually place staples such as milk and bread towards the back of the store. The path to these products is lined with items that you probably didn’t plan to buy, but might pick up impulsively. Big box stores routinely change the locations of their various sections in order to confuse you. If you don’t know where the product you’re looking for is located, you will be exposed to many more potential purchases as you wander around trying to find it.

Deliberately Annoying Commercials

It is often said that all publicity is good publicity. This notion has given rise to the trend of deliberately annoying commercials. Since these commercials are designed to irritate you, you will probably complain about them to friends and colleagues. When the time comes to make a purchase, you are likely to buy the brand that had the annoying commercial simply because you are more familiar with their brand name than the names of competing brands.

The Decoy Effect

The decoy effect tricks consumers into paying for a more expensive version of something by introducing a third version with a worse price. If you have a superior product that costs more and a lower quality version of it that costs less, some customers will opt for the superior product while some will prefer the cheaper option. By introducing a third option that isn’t as good as the superior product and is priced less reasonably, more people will buy the most expensive version since it seems like a great deal by comparison.

It is very important to be wise to marketing tricks when you’re shopping. The best way to avoid being tricked is to show up to the store with a list of exactly what you want to buy. If you shop with these tricks in mind, you will not be fooled.